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Playing poker for a living gives you backbone. You cannot survive without that intangible quality we call heart.
Bobby Baldwin, 1978 WSOP winner

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The Most Incredible Casino Winnings

It is the goal of every gambler to beat the casino, but this is hard because each casino game is designed to have an edge on the players without fail. This edge is referred to as the house edge and is supposed to ensure that the casino always beats the players in the house. At the end of it all, the casino is supposed to win more than all the players combined. This keeps it in business and allows it to make a profit. However, there have been times in history when there have been extraordinary wins.

LoRiggio in the game of Craps

Dominic LoRoggio was known as “The Dominator” or “The Man WithThe Golden Arm”. This is because he could get any roll he needed when playing a game of craps by using “controlled shooting”. He claimed that he could do it by following simple laws of physics although many gamblers are not convinced. He and a famous gambler known as Frank Scoblete have in the past used this technique to win a lot of money from casinos.

Eventually, “controlled shooting” was identified by casino establishments as a genuine problem, and now they have people on the lookout for any players using the technique. If anyone is identified as such a player, he/she is forced to use a different means of throwing the dice by casino employees to protect the interests of the casino.

Ida Summers

Women have not been left behind. Ida summers had good looks and a shrewd mind that she used to win money in casino games by “hand mucking” during black jack games. This is the concealing of cards that have been discarded from the game by players that return the cards to the pile through sleight of hand, to benefits themselves. She also cheated by inserting pre-stacked cards known as cold decks into casino card games for her advantage. Before her boldness caught up with her, she had fleeced casinos off a lot of money.

The MIT Black Jack Team

This group of students is so famous that a movie has been made about them and books written about their exploits. They used statistics to beat the game of blackjack, and used this knowledge to get a lot of money from casinos for many years. They did this by using card counting to give players an edge over the casinos.

Initially, they were a small group, but they went ahead to recruits suitable students from the campus to increase their success. This is because it minimized their chances of being caught, maximized profits, and disguised any betting patterns they applied to win. Their endeavors resulted in a company known as Strategic Investments. After creating the company, they hit Vegas casinos and made a lot of money. In time, their ruse was discovered but not before they had made away with a lot of money. Eventually they quit, but their exploits still remain in history books.

These are examples of men and women that have been able to beat the house edge in history resulting in extraordinary casino wins. They have a common denominator in that they required unusual skill to do so, and once casinos discovered their ruse, they were quick to stop them. This was to ensure that the rule of thumb remained- the house always has to have an edge on its players.

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