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Casino Courchevel Poker

A casino is a place where gambling games are played; gambling is a game of chance and luck. In a casino there are many games operated differently from one another as each game has its own different set of rules that have to be adhered to for smooth and fair play.

One of the games that are available in a casino is a game known as Courchevel poker. Poker is basically a game of cards. There are different types of cards for example the king and queen. In a game of Courchevel poker, each player is awarded personal cards alternatively known as hole cards and belongs only to that person. There are five more cards placed on the board of the game. Theses cards are known as community cards and are common to use by every player.

There are three types of Courchevel games and these are limit Courchevel, pot limit Courchevel and no limit Courchevel. In the limit Courchevel, the betting made by any player has a limit and is applied on every round of the game. The second type which is the pot limit Courchevel, the type of bets made by the players is limited to the number of available chips that are present in the pot. The third is no limit Courchevel, no set betting limits and a player is allowed to bet up to all his or her chips.

Before the game commences, each player is awarded his five hole cards, starting from the left button of the small blind to the big blind. Usually the big blind is twice the size of the small blind. A blind is a bet that is placed without looking at the deck of hole cards that you posses. Betting then continues in the game until all active players have placed an equal number of bets in the pot. There is the flop period thereafter, here the two remaining cards are placed facing upwards and another round of betting commences. Here all bets and raises are to increase the small bet

After the flop period, the turn period now begins; the turn is just the fourth card on the deck of cards at the table. Therefore another betting round for the players and they place their bets. All the bets and increments on the turn period are to increase the big bet. When the turn period comes to an end, the river commences, basically the river is just but the final card in the deck of community cards. In this period, the card is placed facing upwards and a final round of betting takes place.

The final period, the showdown, if there remain one or more players after final betting round, the last person to bet shows their cards. Unless no betting on the final round, each player shows of their cards and the player with the best combination for high wins the high pot. The player with the best combination for low wins the low pot.

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