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Las Vegas Valley Facts

The Las Vegas Valley gets its name from a 1,600 km2 area that is home to the largest number of people in the state of Nevada. It is also home to a huge number of Hawaiians, and this has led to the island being named the ninth island of Hawaii. It is known for its gambling venues and also gives visitors a wide array of entertainment and shopping spots to visit.

Many people associate the name Las Vegas with gambling only, but there is a lot to be seen and enjoyed here apart from the casinos and good-time bars. Site tours like the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and the Valley of Fire are great places to visit.

The history of Las Vegas Valley

The valley was home to Mormon farmers in the early 1800s and later the United States Fort was built there in 1864. So, it became known as a military area until the 1930s when it started being referred to as a gaming area famous for adult fun. Not only was it popular for gambling but it also became a well known resort destination.

During this time, the resorts and gambling facilities resulted in job openings that prompted a rise in population. This was improved by the fact that real estate was cheap. Attracted by the promise of work and housing the place became an area to reckon with and attained a name for being the place to go to for fun.

Unfortunately, it also opened up a breeding ground for the mob as they were interested in getting a piece of the gambling revenue. However, this was soon put to an end as the federal government started placing regulations in place that made it impossible for these unscrupulous individuals to prosper. Since then, the area grew and the establishments improved in terms of quality and service to the Las Vegas of today that is among the top entertainment destinations worldwide.

The scope of Las Vegas Valley

This valley includes the towns of Paradise, Sunrise Manor, Enterprise, Whitney, Winchester and Spring Valley. It also holds the cities of Henderson, Las Vegas and North Las Vegas. It is manned by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Weather and geography

This valley lies in the Mojave Desert and so it’s mainly made up of desert land, although there are mountains in the distance. Based on its placement on the desert it is prone to extreme temperature changes day and night and also between seasons. At times, it is extremely hot to the point that some visitors experience second degree burns, sun stroke and dehydration. The place is also known for having bad air quality days when there is a lot of smog or dust from the desert. Water is mainly accessed from Lake Mead and the Colorado River.


The revenue of Las Vegas is based on tourism. This is based on the availability of casinos, shopping malls, fine restaurants, resorts and other tourist attractions. There is a lot of art and culture to see as well as parks and Zoos with incredible wildlife to enjoy. Las Vegas valley is a fun place to visit as an individual or with one’s family.

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