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Learning to play two pairs is worth about as much as a college education, and about as costly.
Mark Twain

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Learn new games at Betfair

Many people avoid playing unfamiliar games at online casinos, and instead concentrate on those that they know, but there is nothing like a little variety now and then, so it is well worth spending a little effort learning new ones.

Fortunately, the Betfair casino is a great place for learning how to play new games and there are three parts of the casino website that have been developed to assist you. These are the ‘How to Play’ pages which provide detailed information on how to play blackjack and exchange blackjack, online slots, roulette and Caribbean stud poker; the ‘Strategies’ pages that provide some helpful playing strategies on poker and blackjack; and the actual games pages that provide an overview of each one of the hundred or so games that are available along with detailed information on how to play them.

For instance, say that you are interested in learning how to play baccarat. You simply click the card games button on the main menu and you are taken to the card games page where you will find two forms of the game; ordinary baccarat and zero baccarat which is the same game apart from the fact that it is played in the zero lounge.

Let’s say that you select the standard version of the game and so you click on that. You then get taken to a page that explains exactly how to play from a practical point of view. While most online instructions on playing this game concentrate on the various fairly obscure rules in terms of dealing additional cards, and are so complex that many people are put off playing the game, from a practical point of view these are carried out automatically so you don’t need to know them. Consequently they are not even mentioned, so you don’t need to waste your time learning unnecessary information. You are simply provided with all the practical playing information you require.

Betfair has concentrated on making new games easy to learn, so we can spend more time playing them.

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