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Poker Hands - Know the Different Ranks


If you have been playing other card games, you will realize that poker is slightly different from many other card games and has absolutely nothing in common with online slots. Although the deck in poker contains the same 52 number of cards with 2 being the lowest of cards and Ace being the highest, all the suits in the deck have the same value. This means that an Ace of any suit has the same ranking and value and so does the other cards. So, suits of cards do not contribute to determining value.

The hand in almost every version of poker (barring a few like three card poker and Pai Gow) contains five cards. You should know the different rankings for different card combinations beginning from the highest to the lowest. But, one thing that needs to be remembered is that hands that have the same rank will revert to using the value of single cards to determine the winner.

1. Royal Flush

This is the best hand that one can have in any poker game. This hand is made when you get a combination of A, K, Q, J, T of any one suit. But, if the other player also has a royal flush of another suit, then the game ends in a tie and the accumulated pot will be shared between the two players.

2. Straight Flush

This contains the combination of a straight of any one suit. If the other players too have a similar straight flush then the value of the individual cards are considered to determine the winner. The Ace can be used for the royal flush as well as the flush in A, 2, 3, 4, 5.

3. Four of a Kind

As the name indicates, this hand will have the same valued cards of all the suits, for example, four Jacks. This hand is also known by other terms like “quad” and “poker”. If two or more players have the same hand, then the higher valued cards will be declared the winner.

4. Full House

This hand will contain three cards of the same value and a pair, for instance, three Tens and two Threes. If two or more players have full house, then the ranks of the triplet cards is used for considering the winner.

5. Flush

This card combination contains five cards of any values but all belonging to the same suit. If two or more players present a flush, card values are used to determine the winner.

6. Straight

This hand contains five successive cards of any suit in a combination. If two or more players hold a straight, value is taken to declare the winner.

7. Three of a Kind

This will contain a card combination of three cards of the same value. This hand is known by different terms like Trips or Triplets too. Again, card values will be counted when two or more players declare triplets and the winner will be chosen.

8. Two Pairs

In this combination, the player will hold a hand that will contain two pairs. If two or more players come up with two pairs, the person holding the higher valued cards will be the winner. If the higher pair of both the players is of equal rank, the value of the second pair is considered to pick the winner.

9. Pair

As the name goes, this card hand will contain a pair of the same value. If the results come up with two or more people holding pair combination, then the higher value pair is the winner. If the pairs are of same value, other cards held are compared to choose the winning hand.

10. High Card

If none of the above mentioned hands are present, then the person with the card of highest value becomes the winner. But, this card combination has the lowest of ranking in among hands. If two players declare high card as their hand, the person holding the better value card wins the hand.

The names of hand combinations can vary from country to country but essentially the combinations remain the same.

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