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Ante and Blind Bets at Poker Games

Before the dealing of a hand at a poker game, the players are required to put their money or bets in the pot. By so doing, every player acquires a stake in the poker game after which the cards are dealt. This can be done in tow different ways and this is where the concept of ante and blind bets comes in. In poker games having antes, players normally contribute a predetermined amount of money in the pot before the hand can be dealt. This is usually quite a small bet. In nickel- dime quarter poker game for example, the ante can be just a nickel. What you need to keep in mind about antes is the fact that your ante in the game isn’t counted as a bet. In essence, it is just a formality of starting the pot after which participants now place their bets. Every player must contribute the ante if he or she wishes to play.

If the action isn’t started with an ante, then the blind will take over and used to get things started. Blinds in poker are more or less like forced bets that every player must make before a deal. The name blind is synonymous with the fact that a player won’t have seen any card at the time putting this bet. In short, you are just entering the game blindly without seeing the cards. The common practice in most casinos is having two participants pay for the blinds. These are usually players sitting to the dealer’s left. The player sitting immediately to the left of the dealer is required to place a small bet known as ‘little blind’ and the player sitting two places on the left hand side of the dealer pays what is known as the ‘big blind’.

Amount to be paid off as blinds will normally be fixed and will be determined just before the start of the game. Normally, the big blind paid equals the smallest possible bet and the little blind can either be a ½ or a 1/3 of the big blind. For instance, if the lowest bet in the poker game is $3, the big blind will be $3 and the little blind can be $1.5 or $1 depending on what is guaranteed upon. The difference between antes and blinds is that while antes are not counted as the first bet for the player, the blinds are on the other hand counted in as the first bet. In this regard, no one can be checking at other players playing during the first betting round as everyone must bet.

In a poker game that involves blinds, chances are high that the player is required to post before placing his or her first hand on the table. In poker, posting simply means that you pay the big blind amount which is dealt as the first hand. Being aware of antes and blinds makes you a smart and knowledgeable poker player.

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