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Most of the money you'll win at poker comes not from the brilliance of your own play, but from the ineptitude of your opponents.
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Different Types of Poker and Playing Styles

When one wins the game he gets the collected money as prize. Well, this happens in all casino games, online slots for example. But the situation is a bit different with poker. The collected money is made up by two types of bets. One is optional and another is forced bets. You can find plenty of information about different types of slots and pokers. There are some famous sites that you can surf to get more information. No matter what type of poker game you are playing but you must make a compulsory poker bet. It helps you to form your original pot and will encourage the players to bet more. Now we are going to discuss about some different types of poker bets and how one can apply them in the game properly.



This is a mandatory poker bet for all the players. You need to place this bet in the beginning even before the cards are dealt. Every players place their ANTE bets but there is no exception for any of them. This is considered as the main feature of this bet. No other forced bets can be applied with ANTE bets. Only in some of the tournaments you can use blinds as rules.



This type of poker bet can be applied in some types of poker forms. Ante is applied before you place the cards but this bet is placed after ante, blinds and card dealing. The amount of bring-in needs to be lower than your minimum bets. If a player needs to post bring then the value must be determined by his set of exposed cards. Bring-in bets are always used in any types of poker game with ante bet structures. It is determined by the poker rules only.



There are some bets which are not mandatory and the players can place them with blinds. These bets are popularly known as straddles. If you are playing poker tournaments then you cannot use straddles there. After placing the big blind the poker bet usually get posted by the first gambler. While placing straddle the size needs to be bigger than the big blind. It actually raises the bet of big blind. If you are the gambler who have posted the straddle then you can raise the bet and continue betting further. It is important to see where one bet is ending and the next straddle starts from the next person there.



Before the cards are dealt two or three players can post blind bets. This is a mandatory bet and it is posted after ante bet. There can be two different types of bets. One is small blind bets and another is big blind bets. The immediate first player makes the small blind. And the second player makes the big blind. The size of big blind must be equal with the minimum betting account. You can find a third blind set in some poker games. The dealer usually posts the third blind bet.


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