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If you reraise a raiser, and he doesn't raise you back, you know he has kicker problems.
Crandall Addington, Texas oil millionaire

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Poker Rules

The thrills of a real poker tournament, the emotions when its’ time to see who has the best combination of cards, the fear of the unknown and much more are into a poker game. All the thrills keeps the players’ attention always high and constantly on.

Maybe such a situation would be hard to manage if you don’t have a full and deep knowledge of the poker rules. But for those who are already expert there is nothing more exciting than a green table where a few people are playing poker games.

Of course not everybody can reach a common casino to play poker games and not everybody can afford to play for real money. For this and for many other reasons, you can play online poker. There are many online casinos that offer guidelines, poker tutorial, support services and other tools to make your gambling experience easier and safer.

How To Play

You have to know that the number of player can vary from 2 in the heads-up poker games up to 10 in the cash games (tournaments where people play for real money).

The cards used in the poker games are the French 52 cards with Aces, cards from 2 to 10, Jack, Queen and King. In total, 13 cards for each figure (4 of them). In particular to play Texas Hold’em, which is the most played version of poker, there are no Jollies required.

To win the poker game you have to match the best combination with the 5 cards you have. The game starts giving 2 cards to each player (called pocket cards). Each player can decide what to do.


The players can bet, adding a sum of money to the prize in the middle of the table. They can give up if they can’t cover the bet of a previous player. They can call, paying the same amount of the first bet in order to go on with the game. Finally, they can decide to check-raise: it’s a strategic move to contrast the opponents which consists in placing a higher bet on the table.

This is something to do only if you have strong cards in your hands and you are sure the others can’t have the same or higher cards. Otherwise it would mean to increase the opponent’s prize!

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