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In the long run there's no luck in poker, but the short run is longer than most people know.
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Famous Casino Owners

All around the world, the business of casinos has been very favorable to entrepreneurs thanks to the fame associated with it and the fortune it can create for you. For people who are luck to have some stack of cash, this is one of the best businesses to invest in to enhance your profile and smile all the way to the bank. Unfortunately, some few wannabe business moguls try doing it the Vegas style only to end up being broke flat and depending on a trust fund. However, others have turned small investments in casinos in a world recognized empire. But casinos do not thrive in all areas of the world considering the kind of restriction in this business that limit its successes.

Regardless of the case, there are many successful casino moguls all over the world and some names are well known to us while others are not. One of the world famous casino owners is Donald Trump who has proofed that a man is not always defined by hairstyle and filing for bankruptcy shouldn’t be shameful also. The estimated worth of this man is about $2 billion and even though he might not be the richest casino owner, he has a keen sense of succeeding in this businesses. He took the business of his father to new heights when he took control. Fred Trump, his father was a rich real estate investor. Today, Trump owns numerous properties ranging from financial buildings to hotels and lavish homes and casinos. He owns three Atlantic City casinos.

Another famous casino owner is Stanley Ho and he is Macau’s richest man and one of the wealthiest men in the world. Throughout, his life, the Asian god father has proved that he is a competitive force to watch out for in the world of business. He has a net worth of about $7 billion and dabbles in banking, real estate, shipping, air transport and in casino business. Although he made his fortune illegally by smuggling luxurious goods during the World War II, he has over the years managed to set up legitimate businesses. He bought rights to monopolize the gambling industry in Macau and has since then built numerous casinos in the name of promoting local tourism. He currently owns 8 casinos in Macau and has also has a stake in all the gaming houses in the city apart from 2.

The third famous casino owner and the last one on our list is Steve Wynn who is Las Vegas’ undisputed king. He has managed to build completely refurbished and brand new casinos in Las Vegas including Treasure Island, Golden Nugget, Encore, The Mirage and Bellagio. He also has a self named casino by the name Wynn. Even though his personal net worth is estimated to be just $1.3 billion, his investment company, Wynn Resorts Limited is nearly the same value as Bill Gates. Being born into a family of gambling, he is one of the revered names in this business and owns the Las Vegas Frontier Hotel and Casino

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