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You have it in your power to turn a bad-beat around simply by realizing this simple truth: The more bad beats you encounter, the luckier you are. It's a sign that you are playing against opponents who continually take the worst of it, and if you can't beat someone who always takes the worst of it, you can't beat anyone.
Lou Krieger

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Know What Poker Moves Are and How To Play Them

Knowing what your moves need to be in this highly competitive sport is critical.  it's not simple online slots where all you have to do is push the button. They are very simple when they are taking step by step, and broken down by plays.  The game of poker is about several things that impact the game tremendously, some are equal with online slots. First, you should always listen to your gut instinct, because it is correct at least one third of the time.  Second, know how to plan ahead.  If you know what the chances are that you will pull a great hand on the flop then it will give you an edge on betting.  Third, you need to learn how to bluff your opponent.  This is important because you want them to step down so that you will win the hand and receive the pot that is up for grabs.


Check your cards

Before you start every hand in poker you should view your cards very carefully.  Think of all of the possible outcomes for that hand, before you decide how you want to proceed.  After looking at the hand, it will then be time for you to act.  Be very careful that you do not get to overly excited, because you do not want the other players to know how well or bad that the potential hand maybe.  Figure out what the best method of play will be for you, and then stick by that feeling.


In my most recent game of poker, I found myself staring at a suited J and 9.  For me this was a very crucial hand because the blinds had been increased to 50/100, and I was holding the short stack of chips.  That means that I had the least amount of chips at the table.  Because of my depleting chip count, I was faced with a very hard decision.  After I had weighed all of my options, I followed my instinct and bet half of the pot size.  The flop (the first three cards that are turned over by the dealer) showed a K/Q/8 of suit.  I was looking at a possible straight draw.  The first two players to act checked in front of me, so I decided to check to.  That was the best move for me at the time, because I did not have a pair to fall back on if I did not draw a 10 on the river.  On the river however, the 10 did appear and I had my straight.  It looked good, but I had to think of all of the possible hands that could beat mine.  The one that was concerning me was that if someone had a pocket pair, they could pull a full house and take me down.  They could also beat me if their hand contained an ace and a jack.  Their straight would be bigger than mine.  Just as I was waiting for my turn to arrive, the person that was acting in front of me pushed their chips all in.  Tragedy struck fast, as is often does in a game of poker. That was his main tell.  He was bluffing.  I immediately went all in, and countered his attempt to steal the pot.

Next came the last and final card that is called the turn card.  It was a 6.  It was not really a threat to my hand at that point in the game.  I then was set for the big reveal.  I turned over my straight and could see the other player’s dismay written on his face.  I had won a large pot.  I had followed my instincts and had out witted my opponents.

Thanks to my knowledge of the game of poker, I was able to win a large pot, and give myself the security to play on.  Making an informed decision will pay off big in this game.  If you are playing no limit holdem, like I was.  You should simply think about it before you act.  Often times you can pick up on something if you just pay close attention to the other players, as you are watching the hand in front of you.  Picking up on a special tell, can be critical to your play.


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