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First Famous Names of Casino Gamblers

Every person walking through casino doors is always optimistic that luck will be on their side. They are convinced that they will emerge as winners but unfortunately, most of them walk out as losers as every game at the casino is designed mathematically and has a house edge. The following people are famous casino gamblers who knew this but were determined to change the situation. No matter whether they won through outright cheating or cleverness and intelligence, the fact is that they walked out of the casinos with a smile and a hefty profit. These gamblers are too American as you would expect as the culture of gambling was introduced in US much earlier than other parts of the world know about gambling. America is home to major gambling cities like Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

While gambling in Atlantic City in 1995 at the Bally’s Park Place casino Reid Errol McNeal hit a monster jackpot at a Keno game and won $100, 000. However, the officials became suspicious of him after he failed to show any emotion that comes with winning such a hefty amount. In addition, he didn’t have any identification and requested for the money in cash. However, when the state gaming officials came to verify the win, they found out that Reid had colluded with a computer technician by the name Harris who worked for Nevada Gaming Control Board. To cut the long story short, Reid never received his winnings for obvious reasons and was arrested together with his friend.

In the 90s, a Spanish record producer by the name of Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo 1Baja successfully exploited when bias in roulette to win. While the idea of wheel biasness had been suggested by others, none of them had ever taken full advantage of it. According to wheel bias, roulette wheels are not always perfectly random and Gonzalo knew this too well than everybody else and won over $1.5 million by the time he retired. Dominic LoRiggio was known to know by the gambling community as ‘The Denominator’ and a ‘man with a golden arm’. Through many years of hard practice, he learned the concept of ‘controlled shooting’. This technique is applied in craps where the player gets the rolls he or she requires at a time when they are necessary.

Keith Taft is a name that is known too well in the world of gambling and this electronic genius spent almost his entire life developing devices designed to defeat casinos. He was addicted to blackjack in the early 1970s and with the electronic devices he had made; you can guess that most casinos counted a lot of losses thanks to him. Another notable figure in the world of casino gambling was Ida Summers who used all the techniques you could think of ranging from shiftiness to guile and cheating in 60s and 70s to scoop big winnings. Other famous names of casino gamblers include Tommy Glenn Carmichael, Lois Colavecchio and Richard Marcus.

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