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Create the Best Image of You at Poker

Follow the suggestions given below to create the right image at a poker table.

1. First impressions are extremely critical in poker since there is hardly any time to form opinions based on evidences during the game. Most people would form an image of you in their mind and accordingly decide what to expect from you and act accordingly. Manipulating opponents through the image you create can be extremely easy by just following a few easy methods at the start of the game.
If you play a loose game your opponents would think you are weak and would call on each of your bet making it easier for you to win on your good hands. However, this could also mean loosing quite a lot of money. The best thing to do here is to play a moderate conservative game while trying to make your opponents think that you are a weak player.

2. Again, you should keep in mind that just as the opponents have an image of you, you too have an image of them. Try not to fall in to a trap by acting in accordance to their image, instead keep an eye on how they are playing, their card patterns and their reactions to cards.
Whatever strategies you have, it is possible that your opponents have the same strategies too. Do not make a decision based on the appearances, the personality and the image of your opponent. Sometimes the reality can be completely different.


3. The main aim of creating an image is to direct your opponents’ actions towards the way that you want. If you have a loose and a weak image, your opponents will call on your every bet thinking you bet even on your weak hands. This would give you a leverage to win more on your good hands.

Again, if you have a tough image your opponents would be wary of you and would generally not call when you place a bet. This would provide you with ample bluffing opportunities. Whatever the image you create it should serve the basic purpose.

4. In most poker games it is easier to win more with a loose and wild image, by getting your opponents to call on your bets. That’s the better way to win a larger pot on the good hands. If you find yourself in a game when a tighter and a conservative image works better than chances are that you might be in a game that would not be much profitable.

5. If you successfully create an image of someone who is carefree and does not really care about money your opponents would get greedy to make more money out of you and would call and bet even on weak hands.

6. Whatever image it is that you create you must look comfortable with it. Just creating an image is not enough; if you want it to work in your favor you must also be able to comfortable carry on with the image till the end of the game.

7. The only problem with the conservative careful image is that while it gives you ample opportunities to bluff it also gives a direct invitation to your opponents to bluff against you. It’s usually best not to use this image.

8. Even with a wild and a carefree image it is still possible to bluff. However, you need to be careful about when to bluff and who to bluff against. Bluff against the stronger opponents since they would normally figure out your wild image and think that you would never bluff. If this stuff with images is dazzling, try to play something easier like online slots.

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